Reduce your planning time by up to one-third.

RetireMap is the smart software solution for your Financial Planning or Accountancy practice to reduce overheads, increase productivity, engage your clients and speed up data entry.

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What is RetireMap?

RetireMap is the smart software solution for your Financial Planning or Accountancy practice to reduce overheads, increase productivity, engage your clients and speed up data entry.

Improve productivity by 33%

Complete a fast, efficient & intuitive Fact Find in under 45 mins, and auto-generate instant real-time analysis & reports with no fuss.

Automate complex calculations

Instantly complete a range of traditionally time-consuming calculations, such as CGT, Home upsizing or downsizing, long-term cashflow, planning and more.

Fast, efficient tax planning

Create sophisicated multi-entity structures in moments. Complete long-term multi-Trust distributions in seconds & company dividend distributions in minutes.

A powerful tool, with Powerful integrations.

Discover above how RetireMap can help you improve your workflow as a stand-alone platform, or through integrations with leading CRM providers such as intelliflo and Fin365. Speed up planning time, calculate difficult tasks in seconds, set up complex tax structures and ultimately create a superior experience for your clients.

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Simple to use,
Fast to master.

RetireMap is a powerful, multifaceted planning tool that substantially improves Advisor productivity. Using all-new patented technology, RetireMap utilises advanced algorithms, templates, and automation to streamline the process making planning easier, faster, and more enjoyable for both Advisor and client.

Automate Time consuming calculations

RetireMap handles a range of complex, time-consuming calcuations in literally minutes including long-term Super C/C & NCC, CGT, Home upsizing or downsizing, property acquisition & disposal, sale of business and more.

Unique features to save precious time.

RetireMap features a range of patented tools to heighten client engagement and Advisor productivity. Joint Advisor/Client Goal Setting prompts, the future CapEx Planning System and Transition to Retirement Planning System are all easily completed within minutes.

How does RetireMap stack up?

With unique features, time-saving efficiencies and state-of-the-art technology, RetireMap is well ahead of our competitors.

Feature Competitor 1 Competitor 2 RetireMap
Reduce total planning time by up to one-third
Total training time under 2 hours
Dedicated ongoing Relationship Manager
Detailed multi-level investment property analysis/reporting
Auto age-based asset allocation (risk profile)
Instantaneous multi-Trust distribution capabilities
Quickly & easily completes complex calculations
Ideal for higher net wealth clients
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For Advisors who care about client success.

RetireMap enables the client to follow the planning process with the Advisor from start to finish, creating faster turnaround times and heightened client engagement.

  • Productivity gains mean more of your time can be spent face-to-face with clients
  • Complex scenarios are calculated quickly & seamlessly with your client in a way they really understand.
  • Clear client-friendly reports heighten client engagement and plan ownership.

Ideal for higher net wealth clients.

RetireMap quickly & competently handles complex structures & tasks, making it the planning software of choice for full-advice planners and accountants with higher net worth clients.

  • RetireMap focuses on powerful core planning competencies, not generalist tasks such as timetabling.
  • Completes multi-Trust distributions with ease and speed, perfect for complex clients with specific goals and needs.
  • Patented algorithm capabilities not available with any other planning software.

What our customers are saying

RetireMap allows me to spend more time face-to-face with my clients and less time back in my office entering & analysing data - and it cuts my planning time by 10 - 12 hours per client.

Paul Sharkey, Partner – Intralink Wealth Management

In my 30 years in financial planning, I have never seen a software program that brings SMSF’s, Trusts and Companies together onto a single platform and handles contributions, transfer balance and distributions so effectively and succinctly as RetireMap does.

Julie Matheson, Operations Manager – Visia Financial

For the first time I really understand this plan. I can see where I am, where I’m going and how we are going to get there together.

Colin Bockman, Client

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